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Pipeline Patrol

Aerial patrol of pipelines is an effective means of rapidly covering large areas of pipeline assets.  Northern States Aviation provides both scheduled and "on-demand" patrols for our customers.  We are under contract to provide aerial inspection of over 1,800 miles of petroleum products pipeline.

Normally scheduled patrols typically focus on observation of changes in the area and on potential problems (like construction equipment operating near or on a covered right of way).  The focus of any patrol can be tailored to address specific needs due to environmental circumstances or regulatory changes.  Often, patrols are conducted as a direct result of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.  In these cases, the point is to find damage quickly to direct repair activity, thus preventing further hazards.

Our Pilots are trained to observe and report the following anomalies

bulletPipeline leaks (dead vegetation, discoloration, etc.)
bulletSunken backfill
bulletExposed Pipe
bulletEvidence of Encroachments onto the right-of-way
bulletLand Erosion
bulletBroken Terraces
bulletConstruction or excavation on or adjacent to the right-of-way
bulletEvidence of heavy traffic across the right-of-way

Northern States Aviation's highly maintained aircraft and experienced pilot staff are ideal for the type of flying required in both pipeline and power line patrol.  Our aircraft participate in an extensive preventive maintenance program which minimizes the risks involved in flying in close proximity to the ground and structures along the covered right of way.  Our pilots, trained through the exacting requirements of aerial imaging, have extensive experience in maintaining specific ground speeds as required for this application.

Northern States Aviation is cognizant of the requirements  of 14 CFR 195 and 192  with regard to survey frequency, Operator Qualification, and reporting requirements.  Northern States Aviation meets all requirements through our integrated system of:

bulletFull Pipeline Operator Qualification (NCCER) 
                    - Abnormal Operating Conditions
                    - Inspection of Right-of-Way
bulletGPS based on-board navigational guidance and position reporting
bulletLaptop computer equipped pilots
bulletInternet and cellular based communications for collection of field reports
bulletBack-office database for tracking and report generation

Additionally, we are equipped to provide digital photos of any problem area.  For those customers requesting this service, photos are included in the standard reports for each "Aerial Observation" identified.  In emergency situations, these photos (along with position data) can be emailed directly to our customers within minutes of the aircraft landing.

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